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Parallel jobs

If you need to use more than one CPU within a single job, you will need to submit the job with a resource request for what the Grid Engine calls a "parallel environment" (PE). Here is an example that job definition file for a program that will use 8 CPUs on a single compute node (using threads or forks):

#$ -pe threads 8
#$ -N test

When the job is submitted, the Grid Engine will wait until 8 CPUs are available on a single machine and will then execute the program on that machine. It is the responsibility of the program to create 8 processes or threads in order to utilize all 8 CPUs on the node.

Here is an example that submits a 32 CPU parallel job (called "test") that uses OpenMPI and was compiled with an Intel compiler:

#$ -pe openmpi* 32
#$ -N test
mpirun /path/to/my/program

In this example, the program "mpirun" will execute the program (/path/to/my/program) on all compute nodes that were allocated by the Grid Engine.

Refer to the next section, Using Dedicated Nodes, on how to optimize the scheduling of parallel jobs.

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