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Newton Membership Levels

Membership in the Newton HPC Program is available to all University of Tennessee faculty, staff, students, and collaborating researchers. Much of the computing hardware in use within the Newton HPC Program is financed by individual research groups and shared with the general UT community when possible. In addition, the Newton Program directly funds hardware, software, and other resources that are of general use to the research community. This funding model is reflected in the different Newton membership levels.

Researchers may apply for an account at any time.

Free Access

Newton HPC accounts are available at no charge to all persons associated with the University of Tennessee and having a valid UT NetID. Users with a free access account are known as "Opportunistic" users because they will get access when the resource would otherwise go unused. Opportunistic users have lower-priority access to most Newton Program resources:

  • Compute job access to the short (2-hour) and medium (24-hour) job runtime queues
  • Limits on total number of active jobs (usually between 128 and 256 CPU cores maximum)
  • An allocation of 40GB for home directory file storage
  • Larger storage allocations are available on an as-needed basis with periodic approval
  • Support and training on use of Newton HPC resources is provided free of charge

Priority (Buy-in) Access

A majority of the computational and storage hardware in use by Newton users is funded by individual research groups through a direct buy-in process. To reflect this, these research groups are granted high priority on the systems that they have helped to finance. See Priority Membership to become a priority Newton member.

Priority (buy-in) access to the compute cluster service includes

  • Access to the long job queues (no job runtime limits)
  • Guaranteed access to the share of computational resources proportional to the buy-in funding level
  • Higher job throughput limits in proportion to the buy-in funding level
  • Higher job queue priority for shorter job wait times
  • Support and training on use of Newton HPC resources

Priority access for storage includes

  • Guaranteed storage availability
  • Access to the highest performance storage systems
  • No requirement to periodical renew storage allocations
  • Optional offsite backup of data
  • Optional dedicated (non-shared) storage systems

Office of Research Allocation

In order to help start new research programs, the Office of Research may provide free priority access to Newton computational and storage resources. This access is usually included in faculty start-up packages. Department heads are encouraged to request a Newton allocation to be included in a faculty start-up package during recruitment. Individual faculty members may also petition for a Newton allocation after their emplyment has started. Contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Development at for more information.