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Data Backup and Cluster “Time Machine”

Home directory files of size 10GB or less are backed up to a remote server located across campus. The schedule for backups is roughly daily as transfer limitations allow. In addition, the backup data is snapshotted daily to allow users to go back to previous file versions and to undelete files as needed. The amount of historical data that is retained is determined by the available space on the backup server.

To access the backups, users should change to the backup filesystem (/data/backup/) and choose the snapshot date that they wish to access. Once the files are located, the user should copy the files to their active storage area on the cluster. All backup data is read-only. Here is an example of retrieving a deleted file from the home area:

[jdoe@newton ~]$ cd /data/backup

[jdoe@newton backup]$ ls
2011-12-14  2012-01-08  2012-02-02  2012-02-27  2012-03-24  2012-04-18
2011-12-15  2012-01-09  2012-02-03  2012-02-28  2012-03-25  2012-04-19
2011-12-16  2012-01-10  2012-02-04  2012-02-29  2012-03-26
2011-12-17  2012-01-11  2012-02-05  2012-03-01  2012-03-27
2011-12-18  2012-01-12  2012-02-06  2012-03-02  2012-03-28

[jdoe@newton backup]$ cd 2012-04-19

[jdoe@newton 2012-04-19]$ cd $USER

[jdoe@newton jdoe]$ ls
lsb.users                    tmp
man.strace                   torque-2.1.9
man.strace.1                 torque-2.1.9.tar.gz
man.strace.root.1            users.txt

[jdoe@newton jdoe]$ cp lsb.queues ~/