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Compiling and Installing Software

You may install software for your personal use in your home directory on Newton. In the procedure that follows, items in square brackets indicate a name that will change depending on the package you are installing. 1 Find a URL for a source tarball for the software 1 Transfer to Newton * Direct:

wget [URL]
* Indirect: 1 Download to your local machine 1 Transfer to Newton using sftp or scp 1 Extracting the source code * Uncompressed tarfiles:
tar xvf [PACKAGE_FILE]
* Compressed tarfiles:
tar zxvf [PACKAGE_FILE]
* Zip files:
1 Configure the software:
$ ./configure –prefix=$HOME/[PACKAGE_NAME]
This creates a makefile which will be used in the remaining steps to install the software in your home directory. 1 Compile:
$ make
1 Install:
$ make install