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----+ Using Fluent on Newton

Please note that the Newton Program does not currently have a license for Fluent.

To run Fluent in parallel mode, you must supply the following information in your batch-submit file (in addition to the standard batch-submit options):

  1. The number and type of parallel processors that you require
  2. The location of the Fluent installation
  3. The location of the Fluent license
  4. The MPI implementation that Fluent should use

Fluent uses MPI for parallel calculations. Therefore, you should use the "openmpi*" parallel environment along with the number of processors that you need: -pe openmpi* 12. The maximum number of processors you can use is limited by your Fluent license.

You may set up the environment (location of Fluent) using the Modules sysytem: module load fluent.

You should also specify that Fluent is to use OpenMPI by using the command-line option -mpi=openmpi to Fluent. This will ensure that Fluent uses the correct MPI launch method (among other things).

Here is an example batch-submit file that satisfies all the requirements for running parallel Fluent:

#$ -N JobName
#$ -q medium*
#$ -pe openmpi* 12
#$ -cwd
module load fluent
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 5234@fluent-license-servername
fluent 3ddp -g -t8 -sge -mpi=openmpi < tmc.inp

Note that you will need to add the correct port number and license server name on the line for LM_LICENSE_FILE.

This is the preferred way to submit a Fluent job. It can be scheduled much more easily (and faster) because it can use any available processors on an Infiniband cluster (it doesn't require all processors to be located on a single compute node). Also, you can increase the number of processors past the number of processors that we have available on a single compute node (depending on your Fluent license).